The Decade Fashion and Music Died



I usually do not write blogs or things like this. I sometimes have to let my creative side come out instead of speaking about politics and religion the topics that people always tell you to keep on the down low. There is something bothering me about the world of fashion and style today. I was going through my grandmother’s closet because my grandmother passed away two months ago and my grandfather last year. I was looking at the styles of clothes in their closets and I saw color textures amazing designs creativity that you do not find today. So my question is what happened how did we go from the 60’s of amazing techno color LSD looking colors and design to the 70’s to the amazing 80’s? If you take a look at the world around you today everything looks cheap all made in China the prices have gone up…

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The Truth About the Palestinian Lie


Ladies and Gentleman here is the truth. There is no such thing as Palestinian people there never was never will be. They have no country no land no currency they are a lie manipulated by the Arabs to discredit Judaism. Yes there is 1.2 billion muslims in the world but just because there are 1.2 billion muslims and 14 million Jews in the world does not make them right. We are living in what is called the world of olam Hasheker which means the world of lies. Until the Messiah comes the world of truth cant exist. so yes Muslims and arabs are good at one thing it is called propaganda.
The arabs learned propaganda from Goebelles Hitlers propagandist, Arabs and the Nazis always had a very very close relationship they always despised the jews because G-d gave us the blessing over Yishmael and the warped mohammed was nothing more…

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